Interview Preparation Course (IPC) 

Welcome to this video course presented by an Assistant Professor of Medicine at a University program in the USA. This course will train you in all aspects of residency interviews so that you match this year even if you are shy, have red flags in your application and minimum interviews. 


AlphaIMG IPC contains everything you need to know about performing your best in residency interviews in simple to follow videos with real IMGs giving good and bad answers.

Genuine accurate information

Guidance from a practicing clinician in USA who has interviewed IMGs for years. 

Constant Interview Partner

Powerpoint slides and readily accesible videos to revise parts of interveiw preparation that you are weak in

Insider knowledge

Know how the program evaluates you after your interview. Use that information to your benefit during your interviews.

Video Modules

Videos modules for each crucial step of interveiw process. It covers every little aspect you need to know about interviews 

Real Examples

See other IMGs answering interveiw questions. Learn from their mistakes and successes

Constant support and guidance

I am not a big company. It is easy to reach me if you have questions, concerns or doubts about the program

“Great service, sound clinician, knowledgable about interveiw process.”


"Very helpful product, reasoable price, learnt a lot from real IMG videos" 


"For me so far its best service I have received, so as of now I don't know what one can improve if its best alredy" 

Anonymous survey response

"Thank you!!. I am learning a lot and feeling confident about my upcoming interview." 


Here's what I'll be teaching...

Module 1: Intoduction and Curriculum

In this video, you'll get to know me, my story and the mistakes I made in interviews. You will learn about the structure of typical interview day.

Module 2: Impressing the program coordinator

One of the biggest mistakes IMGs make is not knowing how to communicate with the program coordinator with the first email. Learn to create a great first impression! Real examples from IMG communicating with the residency programs. 

Module 3: Pre-Interview dinner

What to wear, what to eat and drink, how to have a casual but informative conversation with senior residents, what questions to ask residents during pre-interview dinners or other social events in the program. 

Module 4: Researching the program

Most IMGs do not know how to research a program thoroughly using their website and other tools. Learning this will make you stand out in the crowd in a good way. Your answers will appeal to the PD.

Module 5: The Judgement Day

Everything about the actual interview day including dressing, interviewer's mindset hack, most common iv questions, difficult iv questions, case presentation and creating a lasting final impression. 

See real IMGs answering interview questions in a right way and a wrong way. 

Understand how a program evaluates you after the interveiw

Module 6: Post interview communication and Personality Development 

Learn about staying in touch with the program in an effective way without seeming desperate. 

Common mistakes in communication, body language, vocal tonality that almost all IMGs make and quick tricks how to fix that.


  • I am applying to IM. Will this program work for me? Yes. I have included how to answer questions for all IMG friendly specialities. So you will get trained for all your interviews no matter which speciality it is . 
  • I applied before and didn’t match. Will this work for me? - Yes. If you did not match before, you most likely made some very common mistakes IMGs make during interviews. You need this program. 
  • I only have 1 interview. Should I buy this program? - You absolutely need to prepare well for this interview. This program covers all aspects of interview preparation that you need to know about. 
  • I am applying to highly competitive residency like Ob Gyn or Dermatology. Will this program work for me? - Yes. This program answers questions for all specialities. I go into detail for IMG friendly specialities but the concepts remain the same for other specialities. 
  • You graduated from internal medicine residency. Will your program represent someone who is in FM or psych? - Yes. Interviewers are looking for genuineness, confidence and personality in addition to exact content of your answers. You will learn all these aspects to be a perfect interviewee. 
  • I cannot pay $49- I understand life is tough before you get residency and USMLE exams/applications are expensive. That is why this program is priced at bare minimum cost to cover my expenses. I and most other IMG focused services have a Skype interveiw mock preparation for around $300. Compared to that- this is a deal. 
  • How can I trust you? - You cannot. I am someone you never met and there are bunch of scammers trying to take money from IMGs out there.But, I am a practicing physician in the US, an IMG like you who struggled for years before matching and have been training other IMGs for many years. If after purchasing this course, you feel like you have been scammed- I will refund your $49. No questions asked.
  • What if I don’t have any interviews right now?- You will have access to this course immediately and forever. You can use it whenever and as many times as you want for the entire interview season. 
  • What if my I don’t have much time before my first/next interview? - You need to prepare well and prepare fast. This course is divided into short videos for each section of interview day. Review each section quickly or only those sections that you don’t feel comfortable about. This course will get you ready for your interview in a short period of time.
  • What if I have more questions after going through your course? -Unlike some other companies out there, I am a one man show. I will be your direct contact for any questions you have. My email is I check it everyday. 
  • I am still on the fence. Can I email you before buying your course? - Yes. My email is above.  

An IMG's journey.. 

With low USMLE scores my chances of matching were very low. But practicing medicine was the only dream I had so I persisted. I had USCE in IM but I applied to all IMGs friendly specialities as backup. I felt immense happiness when I got interviews in IM, FM and pediatrics . Preparing for my interviews, I did not know how to answer some questions especially for backup fields. I got help from forums and facebook. In my first few interviews, the PD knew right away that I was not confident or genuine and told me that he was not going to rank me. Luckily, I met a mentor after my first two terrible interviews who trained me. I got good at interview skills and was offered prematch in a university affiliated IM program which I refused and ended up matching in my first choice IM program that year. Now I practice medicine in a university hospital.

Join the program and try it for yourself for 7 days. If the informative videos and powerful exercises and scripts don't improve your interveiw confidence, I want you to email me. Show me you did the exercises, and I'll give you all your money back.