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Is your low USMLE score or old year of graduation holding you back from matching in residency? Are you tired of feeling left out because all your friends have matched? If you are ready for effective guidance, quick results and to start your residency training in the US, send me a message on skype, and together we can explore the possibilities and options to boost your residency application and get matched!

Every IMG has a Story...

I believe every IMG has a story...

I believe that every medical graduate who aspires to come to the USA for residency has unique story, goals, and desires. Every day I meet students who feel uncomfortable with their scores, YOG, visa status or lack of US clinical experience/research. No one needs to go through years being held back by a few red flags. Together we can create a plan that works for you and enables you to have the application that really describes you and shows the PD your strengths for being a great resident.

About our Practice

Meet AphaIMG

I have helped hundreds of IMGs achieve the success they've always wanted. In addition to my hospitalist practice, I have interviewed IMGs for the match and coached IMGs for years in all aspects of residency application.

My philosophy

We IMGs are smart, hardworking, ready to learn and have the immigrant edge to become great doctors. We are not inferior to American grads. So why let visa status or some red flags prevent us from getting our dream residency? 

My approach

My goal is for you to match. That makes me happy and gives me the motivation to continue this website. I will push you to develop and display your strengths in every part of your application rather than getting stuck on your weaknesses. 

About our services

You will be trained by IMGs who have come up with a study system that has consistently allowed them to score more than 250 in USMLE step 1, 2 and 3.

We will guide you through each and every part of your application. Our goal- to highlight your strengths and display traits in an application that program directors are looking for. 

Skype mock interview calls to train you for dressing, social skills, most important interview questions and tricky interview questions asked during an actual interview.  

4 weeks rotation in a university program that not only provides a good clinical experience that will boost your application but also open opportunities for other clinical and research experiences.  

Why trust me? 

As a residency applicant, you have many options to work on your application yourself or pay someone to help you out. I chose the first option when I was applying for my residency. I did not know how to prepare for USMLE. But I got guidance from friends and internet. I scored VERY LOW. My friends told me to try for alternative careers. Then, I started working with a mentor. With his help, I worked on identifying my strengths as a resident and a doctor. I developed them even further with targeted rotations and research. I used this experiences to display my passion in my CV and personal statement. I ended up with 14 interviews and 1 pre-match that I refused. I matched at my top choice program. My friends could not believe it. That is what I want for you. Develop and display your strengths at every step, be it your CV, personal statement, interviews and or email/phone communication with residency programs. 


What Our students Think

Thank you very much It wouldn't haven't been possible without your support! 

Nisha D.

Thank you so much Dada.. .It was really helpful.. I don't know how should I thank you.. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart. :)

Bish S.

I am embarrassed to bother you again with a different issue. But I do not have any person better than you to consult this situation with and everytime I ask for your help, I get succeed greatly. Be it in getting USCE, more interveiws or better scores. 

Nasreen M.

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